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Ultra-small, high performance brainwave digitizer

A hand with blue glove holding a tweezer, the tweezer holding a tiny headstage

eXtrem, Tiny

A special look chip with cupper piller reach out

Custom Tuned Chip

The heart of the X-Headstage™ is a custom system-in-package (SiP) like chip package based on Intan RHD and RHS 2000 series IC. The multi-die and double sided IO architectures enable the X-Headstage™ to achieve minimal footprint by scaling across all 3 dimensions. KonteX's custom chip packs in more channel, more function per given area.

4 layers in one X-headstage

Crafted Workmanship

Every detail of X-Headstage™ is carefully considered and crafted to minimize size and maximize utility. Only the smallest components are sourced or they are custom made. A special module on module SMT manufacturing process is developed to fully take advantage of the 3D chip design.

IP68 Rated

Each X-Headstage™ is coated with a thin layer of Parylene-C, commonly used to protect implantable devices, is highly resistant to chemical and moisture. It enables the X-Headstage™ to be dental cemented with the electrode and recovered for reuses. With the tailor-made protective armor, X-Headstage™ achives IP68 certification validated by a third party.

X-Headstage™ is a high fidelity bidirectional neural interface for delivering electrical stimuli and recording from large number of electrodes. The advanced headstage design results in volume reduction of more than 70% comparing to conventional designs. The size advantage significantly reduces stress, enhances the welfare of the animals, and improves experimental outcome.



Smallest Recording Headstage

32, 64 channel

8.5 x 8.5 x 5mm

0.3g +

X3 Probe Interface

µHDMI, Omnetics System Connector


Switchable Stimulation Recording Headstage

32, 64 channel

8.5 x 8.5 x 5mm +

0.3g +

X3 Probe Interface

µHDMI System Connector


High Channel Recording Headstage

128, 256, 384, 448 channel

10 x 10 x 5mm +

0.5g +

X6 Probe Interface

µHDMI, Omnetics System Connector



We don't just give you a super small headstage and leave you to figure out the rest. Instead, we provide a comprehensive set of accessories to make adoption as easy as possible. If existing designs don't work, we work with you to come up with a tailored solution together.

Build Your Electrode on Customizable EIBs

Interfacing X-Headstage™ with your custom build electrode is easy. KonteX offers several EIB designs that follow common technique/protocol so they can be easily adopted. If you can't find a suitable solution for your application, contact us for a cost effective custom design tailored to your prep.

Plug into any Commercial Electrodes

KonteX created an adapter based solution to interface with common connectors used in commercially available electrodes such as silicon probes or microwires. In most cases, X-Headstages™ are smaller even with adaptors installed. With this approach, when pins do break, X-Headstages™ can be easily and inexpensively repaired instead of being thrown away. We plan work with commercial probe vendors for direct interface to X-Headstage™. Ask your probe vendors for KonteX compatible probe packages.

Connect Accessories Easily

KonteX understands deeply how demanding and complicated surgery can be. We designed our accessories to leverage standardized interfaces whenever possible to ensure compatibility across modules. Modules sharing same interface can be interconnected. For example, an adapter can be used to connect to an existing electrode with a 16ch Omnetics connector. If surgical planning requires the electrode to be positioned away from the headstage, one can use our extension cable to do that easily. The cables can also be daisy-chained to provide even more flexibility and reach. We are constantly adding new adaptor, cable, and EIB designs to make surgery as easy and as intuitive as possible.

Compatible with Open Source Equipments

X-Headstage™ can be used with Intan compatible controller, accessories, and software. No need to upgrade the entire workflow to take the advantage of the supercharged headstage technology. X-Headstage™ can also be configured with Omnetics connector for direct interface with existing Intan-based controller. Adaptors are also available to bridge between X-Headstage™ and other proprietary solutions.

Expand Your Implant Ambition

Access multiple brain regions with one single cable and headstage.

Feel Free to Leave the Headstage

Transform Passive Implant into Active


At <5x10mm in relevent dimensions, it is possible to embed, or dental cement, the headstage with the electrodes as part of the implant. Having amplifying and digitizing electronics right by the electrode dramatically improves signal quality. Lower implant height minimizes mechanical stress, thus minimizes motion artifact. Reduced disturbance on sensitive neural interface from daily plug-in/out of headstage-electrode improves long term signal quality, longevity and stability.

Plugin with Ease and Confidence

Jump Start Everyday with Reliable Data Collection

X-Headstage™ when configured with µHDMI connector and embeded enables quick connect to the animal in un-anathematized state. This seemingly small improvement has profound improvement to the experiment: increased throughput, reduced animal and operator stress during plug in, and improved animal performance, especially in learning related tasks. Untrained staff can easily run the experiment without worrying about breaking the headstage or even the headcap. µHDMI connector configuration also enables the use of consumer-tech’s ultra flexible, low cost cables.

Use it Again and Again

Embed and Reuse, Repair and Reuse

X-Headstage™ has been tested and validated for reusability. Obtaining parylene-C coating and IP68 rating for a headstage shows you how far we are willing to go. Glue the X-Headstage™ with dental acrylic with the electrode for better signal and usability. Rest assured that it can be safely recovered in the subsequent acetone soak release.

In case the connectors on the X-Headstage™ do break down due to wear and tear, send it back to have the connector modules replaced. KonteX team is experienced in complex electronics repair and has developed the technique to perform rework on such delicate device. More on repair and service.

Armor up for Extra Protection

Naked Armor

Smallest and lightest design. All X-Headstage™ is protected by a thin layer of Parylene-C invisible to our eyes. Thus it can be safely recovered even if it is cemented by dental acrylic.

Mini Armor

The POM armor provides additional barrier and structural stability to the X-Headstage™. The armor adds about 0.6mm on each side. This design provides the essential coverage without anything excess.

Screw Armor

The screw armor is designed with an anchoring mechanism to securely lock the X-Headstage™ to the Probe Adaptors. It is ideal for users needing interchangeable connector interfaces.

IP68 Armor

The IP-series armor is designed to fully enclose the X-Headstage™. With the Parylene-C coating, the IP armored X-Headstage™ has been validated for IP68 rating. Contact us to discuss your wet experiment needs.

A headstage float in the water



KonteX understands each research is unique and has different requirements. We can customize the X-Headstage™ design to fit different connectors, form factor, or performance needs (e.g. primate pedestal, water proof, MR etc).

Technical Material & Asset

We maintain a well documented technical support Q&As so you could browse and learn about the ins and outs of the technology at your own pace. Majority of our products include detailed specs, tutorials, videos as well as CAD models for 3D printing to get a hands on experience before your order arrives.

Cost Conscientious and Optimized

Replacable & repairable design

Connectors on the probe adapters can be easily and inexpensively replaced. Connectors on the X-Headstage™ itself can be repaired and replaced.

HDMI connector/cable solution

HDMI connector/cable solution is easy to use, low cost and flexible.


We designed expensive parts to be re-usable and disposable parts to be inexpensive, just like you would. Designs such as the protective armor, Paralyne-C coating and IP68 rating assures re-usability of the X-Headstage™.

Bulk discount

The ultra-small X-Headstages™ can cost meaningfully lower than conventional alternatives when purchase in bulk.