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About KonteX

KonteX, formed in 2019, is a neurotechnology startup focused on building solutions with cutting edge technology with a value-centric approach. KC Kong, the Founder, earlier co-founded NeuroNexus Technologies, the world’s leading bioMEMS and neural interface company, after completing his engineering degrees from the University of Michigan. Under Mr Kong and the founders' leadership, NeuroNexus Technologies grew from a university spin-off to an innovation engine, making multiple M&A deals with medical tech companies like Integer (formally GreatBatch), Philips Research, and Medtronics.  Through that experience, Mr Kong identified neurotechnology product needs that he and his team now aim to meet through KonteX.


Based in Taipei, Taiwan, KonteX looks to leverage the technical and engineering expertises from the Taiwanese electronics and semiconductor industry and the founder’s world-class insight and network in neurotechnology.  The KonteX engineering team is supported by industry veterans from telecommunication, medical instrument, PC ODM/OEM, and semiconductor/packaging. Our initial product line validates our capabilities and serves as a proof of concept to our approach. Through this process, we provide better performing and highly valued tools for the neuroscience research community. Our ambition is to extend the technology across clinical applications in the near future.