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Founded in 2019, KONTEX represents an innovative business model in the field of neurotechnology. The company was established with a clear vision: to develop solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also pragmatically valuable. Our founder, KC Kong, brings a wealth of experience to the table, having co-founded NeuroNexus Technologies, known for its work in bioMEMS and neural interfaces. Mr. Kong’s educational journey includes engineering degrees from the University of Michigan and MBA degrees from Columbia University and London Business School, equipping him with a diverse skill set that combines technical expertise with business strategy.

Mr. Kong’s role at NeuroNexus was instrumental in its growth from a university project to a recognized entity in the neurotechnology space. His experience there, marked by partnerships and mergers with major companies like GreatBatch, Philips Research, and Medtronics, has provided Mr. Kong with a deep understanding of the industry's needs.

KONTEX is strategically headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, an area renowned for its expertise in electronics and semiconductors. This geographical advantage is complemented by Mr. Kong’s extensive network and insights in neurotechnology. Our team comprises seasoned professionals from a range of disciplines, including telecommunications, medical instruments, PC ODM/OEM, and semiconductor/packaging, each bringing their own specialized knowledge to our innovative projects.

Our initial product offerings reflect our commitment to quality and innovation, designed to support the neuroscience research community effectively. KONTEX is also focused on expanding the application of our technologies to clinical settings, aiming to make meaningful contributions to both research and healthcare.

We at KONTEX value collaboration and invite researchers and innovators to join us in developing and refining technologies for the neurotechnology field. Our team, adept in design and manufacturing, along with our local partners in semiconductor as well as medical device manufacturing, are here to support the journey from concept to reality. Through collaborative efforts, we strive to blend pioneering research with practical application, steadily advancing the field of neurotechnology.